Summer Sleuth Genealogy Consulting

Interested in your family tree but have no idea where to start? Got a particular question about your family history you’d like to have answered? I can help! I am a genealogical consultant with several years’ experience, many happy clients, and an itch to get to the bottom of your family mysteries.  I’m a meticulous research, a tenacious digger, and scrupulous citer of sources. Further, as a professional historian, I offer plenty of context for the details I dig up! Thus I can help you sort out your family past and make sense of it, too.

Create a legacy

roman-kraft-60298-unsplashI would highly recommend Jen as someone who will not only impeccably research but celebrate each nugget of family history that she uncovers. She is thorough and precise and looks to validate each fact with actual documentation. I thoroughly enjoyed her periodic emails reporting to me her discovery of salient pieces of my family history!–Donna M.

Solve a mystery

Each client’s adventure includes a complimentary consultation to plot their goals and hear what they already know about their family. While I’ve done much research in New England, I’ve also worked on cross-country family tales and trans-oceanic migrations, so I can work with whatever you’ve got! Contracted research time is $50/hour, plus Connecticut tax. Those fees do not include or other subscriptions, the purchase of which is your responsibility if you would like digital records. All clients receive periodic email check-ins and a summary report. Further details are specified in a contract. I can make no promises of what I might find, but I will do my best to plot your tree and answer your questions.

Tell a story


We sat at my kitchen table and I felt like I was with Henry Louis Gates, who was giving me info about my family history. Especially exciting was the thrill of finding personal and specific information with the documentation.–Barbara G.


Meet the Summer Sleuth and get started…..

Small Summer Sleuth projects can be done in the winter of 2018-19, between semesters.

If you’re interested in my services, fill out the form below with a sketch of what you’d like to learn, the duration you’d like to hire me for, and, if you have one, a specific week you’d like to me pencil you in.

Member, Association of Professional Genealogists and the Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council. Recent past president, the Association for the Study of Connecticut History. Featured in West Hartford Life June 2018.