Summer Sleuth: Genealogy Consultant

Interested in your family tree but have no idea where to start? Got a particular question about your family history you’d like to have answered? I can help! I am a genealogical consultant with several years’ experience, many happy clients, and an itch to get to the bottom of your family mysteries.

Though I spend most of my time in the classroom, I’ve used my summers to work on my family’s tree, extending–in America alone–back to 1680. I’m a meticulous researcher: I allow no suppositions in my trees, and everything I include is source-documented so that the truth, as best we can glean it, is clear. Plus, as a professional historian, I offer plenty of context for the details I dig up! Thus I can help you sort out your family past and make sense of it, too.

Each client’s adventure begins with an in-person meeting if you’re local or over the phone, so you can lay out what you’re hoping to get out of the research and give me some information with which to get started. I can be hired by the hour or contracted for 10 or 20-hour sessions. Since I have 25 hours a week to offer beginning June 1, we can place your search on a calendar so you and I both know my agenda. My hourly rate is $40/hour (plus sales tax in Connecticut); a 10-hour contract is $375 and a 20-hour contract is $700 (both plus tax in CT), with a 50% deposit and the rest due within 7 days of hour completion. I can undertake small projects during the academic year, as well.

You can either purchase your own account so that your tree is saved there for your own viewing or I can provide you with scans and paper copies of tree details. I can make no promises of what I might find, but I will do my best to plot your tree and answer your questions. International records, including those from Canada, increase my rate as access to them is more expensive; however, if you purchase your own tree with international access, my rate stays the same as for domestic searches. All clients receive a report with their tree/results.

If you’re interested in my services, fill out the form below with a sketch of what you’d like to learn, the duration you’d like to hire me for, and, if you have one, a specific week you’d like to me pencil you in.

Member, Association of Professional Genealogists and the Connecticut Professional Genealogists Council. President, the Association for the Study of Connecticut History.